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do not pray with a bad conscience pray with a bad conscience
make confession of your faults do not make confession of your faults
We pray for many reasons, but primarily we are acknowledging Yahweh's existence and place in our lives. Prayer is building and maintaining a relationship with Yahweh.

Prayer is talking with, to, and about Yahweh.

Prayer is feeling Yahweh's presence in our lives.
Recognizing Him as Father.
We should feel Yahweh's presence in our lives as Father.
We should feel trust -
as a child climbs onto the lap of a parent and cuddles up, and falls asleep; or as a child loves to be picked up and cuddled, and rocked, and soothed to peaceful sleep.
We should feel in contact with Yahweh -
the way a child comes and slips their hand into that of a parent; how a child feels safe keeping their parent in view in a playground.
We should seek His approval -
the way a child looks to a parent to see if they are receiving approval, regard, pride.
We should feel adoration for Yahweh -
as a child for a parent who is everything to the child.
Prayer is reflection on our attitudes, thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.
Recognizing Yahweh as our Judge.
    We should judge ourselves in the way Yahweh would judges us, to find where we are in our relationship to Him, and to His creation, the universe and our fellow beings.
Prayer is asking Yahweh for help and guidance.
Recognizing Him as our Provider and Help.
    We should be confident that Yahweh is the only source of anything that we need.
Prayer is submitting to Yahweh.
Recognizing Him as our Creator and Master.
    We should feel that Yahweh is the only person we are accountable to.
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