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do not look for omens
do not use divination use divination
do not practice forecasting practice forecasting
do not consult professional forecasters consult professional forecasters
 Why omens?

In Yahweh's world, everything has meaning, whether we see it or not. Chaos is not an option.

As there are signs of the near, and distant, future in the natural world, so we tend to look for more specific signs that have particular meanings for us, for the near and distant future.

As there are signs of hidden things in nature, so we tend to look for more specific signs of hidden things that we are curious about, or that we think we need to know about.

These meanings are discovered by spiritual or scientific means, or even a mixture of both.

Science has gained general acceptance since predictions of future events, and discoveries of things hidden, can be successfully made by reference to past events, and use of technological development.

Spiritual methods are confined to those who acknowledge a spiritual dimension to what science would say is a mechanical existence.

Since scientific knowledge is not infinite, predictions and discoveries necessarily are not conclusive until the event has occurred - this occurrence 'proving' the validity of the process.

Spiritual methods are also validated by the outcome matching the prediction.

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An omen is anything which is chosen as an indication of divine opinion or direction, a sign of confirmation, or a sign of revelation.

Divine opinion, approval or disapproval, ...
... of actions or events which are proposed, or may take place in the future.
... of actions or events in the past.
Divine direction ...
... on what to do, or think, or what not to do or think.
Confirmation ...
... of whether something has happened or not.
... of whether something will happen or not, and whether it will be good or bad in its effect or character.
Revelation ...
... of hidden things, people, or states of mind, in the past, present, or future.

Looking for omens, is... exercise of faithlessness in Yahweh,
...a self-full desire for knowledge of the future (= like Yahweh, to be like Yahweh),
...a desire to gauge the rightness of an action on the consequences, rather than the righteousness of the action itself. (right actions can have apparently 'adverse' or 'evil' consequences - a misunderstanding of right and wrong),
...a suspension of understanding in favour of non-thought.

Making judgements about present and future events by observing...
   cause and effect, or
   'signs of the times',
is not looking for omens.

Once you are committed to looking for omens, then they can be found by chance, or by intention, or both.

To look for is to search for, to hope for, to desire, to be on the watch for, to expect.

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Divination is the gaining of knowledge of the future, or the unknown or hidden, by guessing, intuition, inspiration, or spiritual means. Formal observation and/or ritual may be used, as well as informal activities.

It is often used to gain divine approval for decisions already made, or intended to be made. It is also used to attempt to make the 'right' decision, that is to assess whether or not the outcome of a planned course of action would be acceptable to the enquirer.

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Forecasting is declaring knowledge of the future.

This can be by
   the use of divination,
   dreams, or
   intellectual, rational, emotional and non-spiritual means.

Conditional declaring of knowledge of the future, based on observation, and analysis, of past and present events, is wrong only when Yahweh's will is considered secondary to the forecast, or the forecast is designed for a purpose which directly or indirectly ignores Yahweh, or His law.

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