Christian Behaviour
The Way of Life

do not covet
do not be jealous be jealous
do not envy be envious
do not be avaricious be avaricious
do not aid and abet the rich aid and abet the rich
do not be anxious to be rich be anxious to be rich
 Aiding and abetting the rich.
Aiding and abetting means being active in support of a rich person's unrighteous goals, by means of finance, free or underpaid service, spiritual, or other, support or guidance, encouragement, counsel or advice. Working for a rich person as an employee in a business, could be aiding and abetting, if the business goals or practices disadvantage those who have less in comparison to the owner.
It also means preferring a rich person to a poor person, simply because of the disparity in 'assets'. This is the source of class and caste systems.

Who is rich?

Clearly anyone who could be seen to have more than you could be considered rich in relation to you. This 'more' could be material, physical, psychological, social, or spiritual, in nature.

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